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  • Carrying Bag for Quilt Stands or Design Wall
    $20.00 Carrying Bag for Quilt Stands or Design Wall
    Sturdy Nylon Carrying Bag with drawstring closure. Holds two stands & two rails.

  • D) Mid Level Hubs
    $7.50 D) Mid Level Hubs
    For use with the Quilt Stands. One hub is needed for each stand. Mid Level Hubs for displaying Wall Hangings at two levels.Use our Mid Level Hubs for displaying wall hangings at two levels...

  • C) Expandable Rail Clips
    $20.30 Choose Options C) Expandable Rail Clips
    Pkg of 6 - Expandable Rail Clips for Quilts without Sleeves. $12 plus $8.30 Freight included in price.Expandable Rail Clips (Pkg of 6) are designed to clip quilts without sleeves onto the Expandable Rail.Shipped in a small...

  • Expandable Rail used with Quilt Stands
    $60.00 Choose Options A) Quilt Display Stand
    _______________Display your quilt with our adjustable Quilt Stands.Note: 2 stands required to hang one quilt (or two quilts back to back).Use with Expandable Rail or Pals Hangers.Base sits flat on floor - folds together for...

  • B) Expandable Rail
    $40.00 B) Expandable Rail
    Expandable Rail for Quilts with SleevesThe Expandable Rail is for quilts with sleeves. Will expand to 9 feet. Attaches to top hub or mid level hubs of quilt stands.