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1. How do the Bolt Buddies work?
Secure them to about four folds of the fabric. The indentation minimizes side to side slippage. The long side goes inside and acts as a guide.

2. Are your products made in the USA?
Yes. The Bolt Buddies & Ceiling Clips are completely made in the USA. Hardware (screws & nuts) are generally made outside the USA.

3. How do the Pals Hangers hang on the wall?
We prefer to use two flat head screws or nails on the wall. The back lip of the hanger simply rests on these and gravity holds them in place.

4. How do the Pals Hangers connect together?
There are self-storing connectors that unscrew, slide & tighten again to accomodate scalloped edges.

5. How do I hang a quilt with a sleeve?
Our Expandable Rail adjusts in length. Simply slide this into the quilt sleeve. The ends rest on top of the Quilt Stands. You will see both Quilt Stands at each end.

6. How do I hang a quilt without a sleeve?
You can either purchase our "Rail Clips" which are clear in color and clamp over the top of the Expandable Rail and your quilt OR you can clamp your quilt to our Pals Hangers. The back lip of the hanger then rests on clips that are on the top of the Quilt Stands. Note: The Quilt Stands need to be set in from the end of the hanger by a foot or more if using with the Pals Hanger. You will only see the bottom of the Quilt Stands. Otherwise, when using the Rail clips, the stands set at each end.

7. How do I adjust the height of a Quilt Stand?
The Quilt Stands have a lever that you push in while raising or lowering in 6 inch increments. One person can easily do this by raising one stand 3 notches and then doing the other one til the desired height is reached.

8. How do I use Quilt Stands in a booth?
Set a Quilt Stand at each corner and use three Expandable Rods for the sides & back.

9. How do I use Quilt Stands for a guild show?
We are happy to draw up a floor display if you will give us your room dimensions. Guilds are given discounts on sizable orders.

10. How do you show multiple wall hangings?
We have an accessory to the Quilt Stands that allow you to do a split level display. These are called Mid Level Hubs.

11. Can I use the Quilt Stands outdoors?
Keep in mind that a quilt can act as a sail in the wind. You can place sand bags at each base. These are available at local hardware stores. If you are displaying in a room with an outside door that will be opening or closing or have overhead heating & air units that circulate air downward, you may need to use sandbags at strategic locations as they also do with the heavy drape & poles in convention centers.

12. Who uses the Quilt Stands?
Guilds, County Fairs, Quilt Shop Classrooms & Window Displays, Long Arm Machine Quilters, Educators, Museums & Libraries, & Photographers.